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Jason R. Kreider began his career in 1999 by working for a small private detective agency in the Philadelphia, PA area. He had a natural ability and skill for the art of surveillance. In 2003, Jason obtained his own license in Pennsylvania and started a company called LPI Group, LLC. He continued to work for several agencies and took on his own clients. He worked hard carving out a reputation for his skills and work ethic. He obtained additional licenses in New Jersey and Delaware. In 2006 Jason relocated to Arizona and obtained licenses there and in California. It was at this time that LPI Group, LLC became the  preferred national provided for its loyal clients.

In 2015 Jason moved back to his hometown and continued his business now under J.R. Kreider, LLC. Jason handles many cases personally and oversees and manages the day to day operations and reviews each and every assignment for quality results.

"I was extremely pleased with the results that Jason and his team were able to provide! The evidence and video documentation obtained provided us with information of the claimant working under the table in contradiction to their alleged injuries. Were able to pursue additional strategic methods that settled the claim for just 2% of the original demand."

          -- Attorney @ Confidential

"After a tenacious effort by Jason and his highly skilled investigators, evidence provided was that our claimant was running a business and hiding the paper trail. With Jason's dedication we uncovered the truth and terminated benefits."

          -- Adjuster @ Confidential